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Positions Available for Engineers and Technician
Mühendis ve Teknisyen İstihdam Edilecektir


Doktoralı Proje Mühendisi

Proje Mühendisi

Laboratuvar TEKNİSYENİ
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The graduate program in Materials Science and Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary study and aims to develop researchers who can pursue outstanding and creative research in the diverse fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. All of UNAM students are financially supported.

Apply Now for Spring '15! Deadline is December, 7th 2015

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Materials Science and Nanotechnology Graduate Program

UNAM 2014 Annual Report is Now Available!



Click on the images to read 2014 annual report online. File size is ~14 MB.

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UNAM receives the 2015 Islamic Development Bank Science and Technology Prize!

In recognition of its contributions to nanoscience and nanotechnology, UNAM-National Nanotechnology Research Center is awarded Islamic Development Bank’s Prize for Science and Technology. This award is annually presented to “institutions having achieved outstanding contribution to a given scientific discipline” by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

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A national nanotechnology research center available to researchers all over the country!

UNAM is a national research center available to all researchers from academia and industry. Being a center of excellence in nanotechnology, UNAM conducts high caliber research and trains highly qualified personnel. UNAM also hosts over 800 users from academia and industry and serves as a hub for exchange of information.

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UNAM Seminars

Reseach @ UNAM


Light-material interactions and their alterations at small scales


The curious world of nanoscale physics, and its utility in science and engineering


Renewable energy sources for a self-sustaining future

Optics and Fiber Lasers

Relaying light through non-linear paths


Nanomaterial fibers that endow everyday fabrics with new properties


Biological processes and their enhancement by functionalized materials

Supramolecular Chemistry

Order and chaos in assemblies of large molecules

Computational Nanoscience

Theoretical predictions with the potential to create new horizons for experimentalists

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